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Healthy Body and Mind, Healthy Heart -
Firm Move Personal Training

Exercise... training... why do we need to do it? Healthy mind and body leads to a healthy heart. So why do we find it so hard to get motivated to get fit? This life is not a dress rehearsal, so keep in shape in order to be able to enjoy a healthy active life with your family and friends. Besides, did you know that 22% of the population are obese? Obesity leads to cardiovascular disease and this is the cause of 40% of deaths in the UK... so don't be a statistic.

Firm Move Personal Training is a company with trainers involved with all levels of athletes from top level sailors, hockey players and footballers to busy professionals and everyday people.

We specialise in one to one and group sessions individually designed around your personal needs and goals. We provide drop-in circuit classes at 6pm on a Wednesday and 1pm on Fridays, and we are just starting specialised small group sessions designed to train you up for the ski season to make your holiday more enjoyable. We can provide whatever level of sports training that you need.

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