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Wykeham Squash Club Final

The Club's Final was held on the 13th of June and it was a re-run of the Hampshire Mens' Final: Stuart Summers v Ben Thornton. In front of a packed balcony, one prospective member even travelling from Australia to watch !!

The match began with a total frontal attack from Stuart who very quickly was ahead and kept his lead to win the first game. Ben reacted in the second but Stuart was still too strong and was soon 2-0 up. In the third Ben was a lot more resilient and with good retrieval and tightness was able to get to 8-8 where to the surprise of the gallery Stuart declined to set. The next four rallies were the most exciting of the match with the serve changing hand a number of times with Ben having game ball and Stuart having two match balls until Ben finally played Stuart out of position and win the game.

The gallery were now trying to support Ben in his quest to draw level with Stuart who was playing to a different script, going ahead in the third with some great length and touch and within a few minutes and a number of errors he was once again at match ball whereby Ben made a mistake and Stuart had become the Club's Champion for the first time. It may not have been equal to some of the matches Stuart has played in his career - including those of the World masters in Cape Town - but it was a great match thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who attended.

Presentations were made to the winner, runners-up and the only other winner of the Club Championship Andy Whittingham who was awarded his prize by the very efficient Richard A.!!


Mini-Squash Match Report

In anticipation of Wykeham entering next seasons Hampshire U-10s League the Club's Mini-Squashers had their first informal match against Trojans. Unfortunately not all of the Wykeham players could play and the team was formed from Matthew, Ben, Kieran and Josh. After a superbly thorough warm up the Wykeham players were ready to play in front of a packed gallery and there were some great matches with all the players really playing well, hitting good serves and really moving their opponents around. In addition to the Mini-Squashers, Harry and Alex of the Improver squad also played - very well, in some great matches. Afterwards there was a 'friendly' kick-about on the Astroturf where everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thanks go to Trojans' Caroline Smith for organising the very successful afternoon.

Hampshire Youth Games

Four of our Junior members were proudly selected to represent Winchester on Saturday 23rd of June in the Hampshire Youth Games held at the Garrison Sports Stadium, Aldershot. They were Alex Armstrong, Simon Craig, Tim Smith and Dan Fowler. By all accounts they played very well and had a great day representing Winchester.